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What is Express?

HCE Express is a simple, cloud-based learning environment that allows organizations to publish their courses on the OCI™ Marketplace. By doing so, you can reach more than 1 million Canadian healthcare workers (e.g. physicians, nurses, clinical and non-clinical staff, medical students, volunteers) registered on My Dual Code™ or directly via their employer's corporate LMS.

Who Should Use Express?

Express is ideal for organizations (big or small) that offer courses to Canadian healthcare workers. It is a simple and cost effective alternative solution to Dual Code's Standard or Enterprise solutions that can benefit:

  • Non-profit organizations
  • Government departments or agencies
  • Health systems
  • Hospitals*
  • Private or public corporations

* While hospitals can greatly benefit from Express to offer courses to external users, Dual Code's Standard and Enterprise solutions are better geared to serve their internal / corporate training needs. Visit our corporate site to learn more >>

What are the Benefits of Express?

Express offers numerous benefits, including the following:

Expand your reach

Perhaps the greatest benefit of Express is your ability to reach +1 million Canadian healthcare workers. By publishing your courses on the OCI Marketplace, not only will you reach users registered on My Dual Code, but your courses will automatically get listed in the course catalogue of hundreds of workplaces that hire healthcare workers, including:

  • Community hospitals
  • Medium and large hospitals
  • Health teams
  • Nursing, residential care and community care facilities
  • Organizations that provide social assistance services
  • Private clinics that offer ambulatory healthcare services (e.g. physicians, dentists, and other health practitioners) 

Protect your intellectual property

With Express, there's no need for users to download SCORM packages or other proprietary training materials. All learning assets stay securely in your Express learning environment. When users enroll in your courses, they are seamlessly redirected from their employer's LMS to your platform via our unique single sign-on (SSO) technology.

Maintain full visibility

When users enroll in your courses, they're automatically transferred from their employer's LMS to your Express learning environment via our specialized single sign-on (SSO) technology. This allows you full visibility, including the ability to run surveys and generate reports on anyone registered in your courses, no matter their workplace. Curious about how many users from hospitals X, Y, and Z have completed your course? Now, you can easily find out. You can even set up to receive these reports automatically via email on a regular schedule.

Monetize your courses

Express enables you to offer your courses for free, but you also have the option to charge for them and handle payments directly. You can set prices for individual users, offer bulk licenses, or provide site licenses (for example, allowing a healthcare facility to purchase unlimited access for all their staff). If you charge annual fees for course access, Express simplifies the renewal process by automatically emailing your clients a reminder when their annual course license is due for renewal, with options for online payment via credit card or downloading an invoice for payment. Dual Code manages every aspect of the transaction, including sales, refunds, chargebacks, and sales inquiries, for a nominal administrative fee, without requiring minimum sales volumes.

Maximize learner engagement

Express provides versatile communication tools, allowing you to reach your learners via email, web notifications, or mobile/push notifications. Instructors have the flexibility to send ad hoc messages directly to course participants. Additionally, you can enhance engagement by setting up automated notifications and reminders, which can be customized based on rules that you define to meet the specific needs of your courses and learners. This feature ensures timely communication and helps keep participants informed and engaged throughout their learning journey.

Streamline course updates and notifications

Since your courses are hosted on your Express learning environment, any updates you make are immediately available to your learners. There's no need to track who has downloaded your materials or to send out updated SCORM packages or files. Additionally, you can effortlessly inform all your learners about updates with just one click, by using the push notification feature to alert them whenever there’s a new update in your course. This streamlined communication saves time and ensures that your learners always have access to the latest information.

Receive dedicated technical support

Your Express subscription comes equipped with comprehensive technical support for both administrators and learners. If anyone encounters a technical issue, they can easily get assistance by clicking on the help icon located at the bottom right of their screen. Once contacted, our dedicated technical support team at Dual Code will be ready to provide the necessary help, ensuring a smooth and effective learning experience for all users.

Automate compliance and reporting with OCI technology

Are organizations contacting you for reports or proof of completion for their staff enrolled in your courses? With OCI technology, they no longer need to manually request this information. Our Workplace, Standard, and Enterprise solutions enable organizations to automatically track their staff's participation and progress. These platforms offer a variety of ready-made reports and also allow for the creation of custom reports tailored to specific needs. Additionally, security measures ensure that organizations can only access information relevant to their staff, maintaining confidentiality and data integrity. This automated reporting not only enhances efficiency but also supports compliance and monitoring of learning outcomes.

Strategically separate your internal vs. external training

Are you already utilizing Dual Code solutions? Whether you're running HCE Standard or Enterprise, both options facilitate publishing your courses to the OCI Marketplace. Despite this, many organizations still prefer setting up an Express site. This choice allows them to distinctively separate their internal training from the courses they offer to external healthcare workers. This strategic separation helps organizations tailor their training environments to specific audiences, ensuring that internal and external learning content is appropriately aligned with their intended purposes.

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