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What is Workplace?

Workplace is a simple, cloud-based learning environment that allows organizations to assign courses listed on My Dual Code™ or the OCI™ Marketplace to their workers (e.g. employees, medical students, volunteers, consultants), automatically send them reminders about upcoming deadlines or recertification, track their participation and progress in those courses, and generate reports. For a partial list of courses currently available, visit the OCI Marketplace.

Who Should Use Workplace?

Workplace is ideal for organizations (big or small) that need to track that their workers complete courses listed on My Dual Code™ or the OCI Marketplace. It is a simple and cost effective alternative solution to Dual Code's Standard or Enterprise solutions that can benefit:

  • Community hospitals
  • Departments within medium / larger hospitals*
  • Health teams
  • Nursing, residential care and community care facilities
  • Organizations that provide social assistance services
  • Private clinics that offer ambulatory healthcare services (e.g. physicians, dentists, and other health practitioners)

* While departments within medium / larger hospitals can greatly benefit from Workplace, Dual Code's standard and enterprise solution is better geared to serve them. Visit our corporate site to learn more >>

What are the Benefits of Workplace?

Workplace offers numerous benefits, including the following:

Manage your workers

Allow your workers (e.g. employees, medical students, volunteers, consultants) with accounts on My Dual Code™ to join your private Workplace using a secret access code specific to your organization. When these users request to join your organization, that request is sent via email to your administrator(s) who can review and approve (or decline) them, thereby ensuring you full control over your team.

Develop learning plans

Bundle courses listed on My Dual Code™ to develop learning plans and assign them to your workers. There are hundreds of courses to select from. They were developed by some of Canada's largest research hospitals, government agencies, and other healthcare content providers, and many have been accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, the College of Family Physicians of Canada, and the Canadian Nurses Association. 

(Are you a content provider that would like to make your courses available? Contact us via email at partners@dualcode.com)

Add policies and procedures

Attach your organization's reading material, polices, and procedures to the courses to provide an even richer learning experience for your users. You can attach Adobe PDF files, Microsoft Office documents, and numerous other types of files, and then track that your workers not only compete the training but also read / accept your organization's policies and procedures.

Assign courses to users

Assign learning plans to your team members by selecting them individually or in bulk. Or better yet, define simple business rules on a per learning plan basis to automate the whole assignment process. Users will automatically get notified via email when they are assigned to a course, or when its content changes.

Set deadlines and recertification windows

Specify how many days or weeks users have to complete their courses and have the system automatically remind them of upcoming deadlines. Need to also track recertification for courses that need to be completed on an annual or bi-annual basis? Not a problem! You can define expiration dates and recertification windows upfront for annual or bi-annual training and the system will automatically track it and send reminders to your workers.

Track your team's progress

Track the participation and progress of your team in individual courses as well as learning plans that you've assigned to them. Access reports in real-time over the web, download the information to Microsoft Excel®, or have the reports automatically emailed to you.

Get notified before its too late 

Receive automatic notifications via email when your team members are at risk of not meeting their deadlines or getting recertified on time for annual or bi-annual training.

Send automatic reminders

Workplace will automatically send email reminders to your staff so you don't have to. Reminders are sent for upcoming classes and deadlines for mandatory learning activities. Workplace will also automatically send reminders to learners when they need to get recertified for annual or bi-annual training.

Access our help desk

Your administrators get unlimited access to our technical support team. Log tickets in our service desk and receive help from our in-house application specialists.

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